Soula Trougakos plays the Ribs. Photo©Michael Slobodian

The Prosthetic Instruments

Digital musical instruments designed as hypothetical prostheses, and worn by dancers in interactive music performances.

Participants wearing the Ilinx garment and helmet.


An interactive artwork featuring a full-body vibrotactile garment.

The Pearl. Photo by Krystina Marcoux.

The Pearl

The Pearl is a multi-modal interface for artistic performance incorporating embedded lighting, sensors, and wireless communications.

Interactive Lighting in the Pearl : Considerations and Implementation

A poster/demo presented at NIME 2015 in Baton Rouge.

Forming Shapes to Bodies: Design for Manufacturing in the Prosthetic Instruments

A paper presented at NIME 2014 in London.

Emotional Data in Music Performance: Two AudioEnvironments for the Emotional Imaging Composer

A paper presented at ICME 2013.

Zach Hale playing the Spectrasurface

Unsounding Objects

A project which created a digital percussion instrument which uses audio feature extraction for the control of sound synthesis.

The Ribs.

Prosthetic Instruments for Music and Dance

A family of digital musical instruments designed to be worn by dancers in interactive dance performances.

Approaches to Collaboration in a Digital Music Ensemble.

A paper presented at NIME 2012.

A Dimension Space for Evaluating Collaborative Musical Performance Systems.

A paper presented at NIME 2012.

Emotion Driven Audio

A real-time performance tool which uses biosignals to allow a performer’s emotions to shape their musical performance.


Physical Computing Ensemble

A digital music ensemble which focuses on the social elements of music performance.


The Golden Age

An interactive video installation.



A solo guitar performance from the ICIT 2010 showcase.

Talking Bowls

Talking Bowls

An installation which invites participants to perform music with autonomous musical robots.

Guitamaton half


A robotic instrument.

Dance for Nikola screencap

Dance for Nikola

A composition for violin and piano.

Rachel Bittner, Alex Curtis, Dexter Stevens, and myself after the premier of the digital studies.

Digital Studies

A suite of pieces for wind quartet.


ASCII Sampler

A simple Max/MSP application.

Organic Mechanic Cover_1

Organic Mechanic EP

Live drum’n’bass band Insidium’s first duo album.


Exit Terra

The second album from live drum’n’bass band Insidium.

Cover of the Christmas Snowfall sheet music colletion

Christmas Snowfall – Sheet Music

A book of Christmas music for solo guitar.

Christmas Snowfall Cover

Christmas Snowfall

An album of Christmas music for acoustic guitar and piano.


Trust the Sky

An album by singer/songwriter Paula McMath.



Handwritten by Ian Hattwick A collection of lyrical duets featuring classical guitar and doublebass, Handwritten is an expression of Ian Hattwick’s lifelong love of classical and acoustic music….

RF cover

retrofunk instrumentals

An album of funk tunes in the spirit of Medeski Martin and Wood and G. Love.



A jazz quartet album of new compositions.

Accomplishments. . .

My professional resume and academic CV.

Tanj A-R Cover


An album of progressive groove improvisations.