Lamontagne, Valerie, Ian Hattwick, Ivan Franco, Marcello Giordano, Deborah Egloff, Maurizio Martinucci, Chris Salter, and Marcelo M. Wanderley (2015). “The Ilinx Garment: Whole-body Tactile Experience in a Multisensorial Art Installation”. In: Proceedings of the International Symposium on Electronic Arts. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Three participants wearing the garment.
Three participants wear the Ilinx garment at TodaysArt 2014 in The Hague.
Utilizing the tactile sensory channel as a key sensory modality in a full body, cross media artistic installation presents unique challenges. In this paper we describe our experiences with the design and utilization of garments containing embedded sen- sors and vibrotactile actuators. We follow the garments from their conception through their use in a artistic installation ex- perienced by over 300 visitors. In particular, we focus on the relationship between touch, hearing, and sight – both in the technological implementation as well as the artistic concep- tion.


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