Giordano, M., I. Hattwick, I. Franco, D. Egloff, E. Frid, V Lamontagne, Tez, C. Salter, and M.M. Wanderley (2015). “Design and Implementation of a Whole-Body Haptic Suit for ‘Ilinx’, a Multisensory Art Installation”. In: Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference. Kildare, Ireland, pp. 169-175.


A signal flow diagram.
A signal flow diagram of the tactile display system utilized in the Ilinx garment.
Ilinx is a multidisciplinary art/science research project focusing on the development of a multisensory art installation involving sound, visuals and haptics. In this paper we describe design choices and technical challenges behind the development of the haptic technology embedded into six augment garments. Starting from perceptual experiments, conducted to characterize the thirty vibrating actuators used in the garments, we describe hardware and software design, and the development of several haptic effects. The garments have successfully been used by over 300 people during the premiere of the installation in the TodaysArt 2014 festival in The Hague.


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