Hattwick, Ian, Preston Beebe, Zach Hale, Marcelo M. Wanderley, Phillippe Leroux, and Fabrice Marandola (2013). “Unsounding Objects: Audio Feature Extraction for Control of Sound Synthesis in a Digital Percussion Instrument”. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression. London, England, pp. 597-600.


Playing objects on a metal pan with bamboo skewers.
Experimenting with a variety of objects on the Spectrasurface.
This paper presents results from the development of a digital musical instrument which uses audio feature extraction for the control of sound synthesis. Our implementation utilizes multi-band audio analysis to generate control signals. This technique is well-suited to instruments for which the gestural interface is intentionally weakly defined. We present a percussion instrument utilizing this technique in which the timbral characteristics of found objects are the primary source of audio for analysis.


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